The Mid Life Crisis: Breaking Open, Not Down Wisdom for the Second Half of Life

There is a meaning and purpose in the suffering that life circumstances can bring you in the second half of life. It is to help you break open, not break down!!

It usually comes in one of three ways: the loss of a job, a relationship crisis or serious health issues. Sometimes, it may take all three to get your attention.

The first half of life is necessarily about building your career, possibly finding a partner, supporting a family and creating a life style. In this stage of life, the ego or the performing self is in control. It is sometimes called the False Self, which is not bad or wrong. It just isn’t all of who you are.

 The second half of life invites you into a journey to become more conscious and emotionally mature.  It is about discovering your authentic self, or the True Self, and living life with more awareness, freedom and joy.

The feeling of emptiness and restlessness you may experience can no longer be filled by the first half of life methods. It’s common to try to recapture the strength and certainty of the earlier years by working harder or using other distractions that used to keep you feeling functional and worthwhile.  However, you come to realise that the feeling of emptiness and disorientation cannot be eased with more work, more success or more accolades. It is about discovering your authentic self and how to live from this place. Life will lead you there if you are open to it and recognise that if you are experiencing difficult times, this is the opportunity to break open and discover that a deeper, more meaningful life will unfold for you. 

"The winters will drive you crazy until you learn to get out into them."

Parker J. Palmer

It is important to have a guide who understands this stage of life.  Margaret can support and guide you through this phase with encouragement and insight into how this can eventually become a journey into a more abundant, satisfying life.

  • The reason we come to a change in our mid-life
  • What is the 'Performing' first stage of life
  • Introduce the different forms of self
  • The path to becoming more conscious and emotionally mature
  • Dealing with emptiness and restlessness in the secind half of life
  • Going beyond the delusion of working harder
  • How to start discovering your authentic self
  • Breaking open to a more conscious, authentic life
  • The benefits of practising inner awareness