Nina's Tribute


International Women’s Day was recognised a few weeks ago. It prompted me to think of the many women in my life who have been friends, mentors and soul mates.

One of those women who impacted my life in a deep and profound way, and the lives of many other women, was Nena.

Nena’s work was to empower women to become themselves, to recognize the things that kept them “un-free” and to guide them into an awakening of a deeper consciousness.  She supported each woman with genuine interest and concern so that we felt loved in our own unique journey.  Nena came to this wisdom through her own struggle with authority, particularly male dominance in religious institutions, yet she was the most grounded, loving, connected and fun person to accompany another on their own path.  

Nena introduced various spiritual tools at her workshops and retreats to help access this deeper consciousness, and those of us privileged enough to have been part of these experiences recognized deep shifts in our own lives. 

Nena passed away in February. She was only 61 and her absence has left many of us feeling bereft and not quite able to comprehend that she has gone. I was surprised by my own grief when I heard she was ill last year, realizing that she may never recover. It was still a shock when she died.

Some of us gathered in a beautiful private space in Sherbrooke Forest on Saturday March 6, to honour Nena. She loved the bush and nature and we felt her presence as we remembered her through rituals and stories.   

Nena’s work was about inner transformation and the raising of our individual personal consciousness to connect with a greater consciousness. There are people around the world who are in touch with this rise of consciousness and I believe Nena would want her work to continue and grow.

I believe this is where I am being called. For years I have worked with people, using the Enneagram and various other methods, to accompany people on their own path of self-discovery while giving them support and guidance during their tough times.

My intention this year is to expand the work, particularly around the empowerment of women but also bringing a deeper wisdom into organisations and the workplace as we all seek to become more conscious and awake to life.