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Know Yourself and Understand Others Through the Enneagram

This weekend workshop is for those who are ready to find a way to grow and transform.

It’s for those who may have been wanting to create new empowering behaviours, but have been struggling to break through. Or for those who know they’re ready and want to expand on their current growth to realise their essential inner qualities and move closer to their True Self.

This introduction to the Enneagram is a map to knowing yourself better and understanding others. You will learn:

  • How to respond rather than react

  • Why you behave the way you do

  • Why others behave the way they do

  • Why you may struggle with overcoming certain behaviours, such as procrastination, poor eating habits, getting angry or struggling to make decisions

  • Why some people have a drive for perfection, achievement or success and why some people tend to withdraw, become intrusive or always question you

  • How to understand your core instinctive drivers so you can utilise them to empower your actions

Your facilitator for this weekend event is transformational coach Margaret Loftus, co-author of Knowing Me, Knowing Them: Understanding your parenting personality by discovering the Enneagram. Margaret is an experienced facilitator of learning with the Enneagram and is trained and accredited in the Narrative Tradition, as well as the Enneagram In Business.

Co-facilitating with Margaret will be Sean Nicholas O’Leary, a certified Organisational & Executive coach, host of The Transformed Man Show podcast and facilitator of Success Without Stress workshops. Sean has been working with and learning with the Enneagram for the past 6 years.

Join them for this two-day introductory workshop in Melbourne at the tranquil setting of SWELL (Spirituality and Wellbeing Centre) in Hawthorn, a place perfect for this type of learning. The workshop will run from 9am-4pm each day and is spread over 2 days so you have time to absorb and reflect on the deeper transformative learning you will encounter.

Very limited places are available for this workshop as the group is kept to a level where each participant gets to be fully involved and immersed in the learning. So if you’re ready to explore this transformative tool then book your place now.

For more information and bookings go to:

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