The Enneagram is a system that provides an illuminating map of human behaviour. More than simply a personality typing system, this map is successfully used worldwide to help leaders develop the knowledge, skills and commitment to strengthen their Self mastery and leadership capacity. The Enneagram highlights specific patterns(the mental, emotional and behavioural habits) that can make or break you as a leader and also points to ways for you to grow, lessen your reactivity and maximise your strengths.

To lead successful change and transformation in your place of work requires high levels of self awareness, self management and emotional maturity.  The Enneagram is the most powerful and insightful tool available to help you develop these qualities.

If your organisation is to continue to grow, you must also. Organisational development requires a commitment to growth from both leaders and those they lead. A training program, incorporating the Enneagram to develop Self mastery for all levels of your organisation , will result in better relationships and workplace moral being greatly improved.  As a result , your organisation and workplace will experience greater success and output.