What is Covered:

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is fast becoming the single greatest predictor of success across the globe. Emotional Health, or Self Mastery, is the key element of Emotional Intelligence.

People who are emotionally healthy are conscious of themselves- their thoughts, their emotions and their behaviours and the impact they have on others.

They are able to handle life’s challenges, build strong relationships, and recover from setbacks. But just as it requires effort to build or maintain physical health, so it is with mental and emotional health.

This workshop is designed to encourage leaders to develop their emotional health and learn greater self- mastery. It will show you that for a place of work to function successfully, more than management skills are needed.

You will learn what is required to become an emotionally healthy leader, and what will positively motivate and challenge the people that you lead. This will foster a positive and productive workplace culture.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand emotional health and its impact on organizational culture.
  • Identify the attributes of an emotionally healthy leader.
  • Learn about the Enneagram, a personality system that offers profound insights into the different ways in which people think, feel and behave.
  • Understand how different personality styles will play out in your workplace.
  • Understand how your leadership style affects others and develop strategies to lead more effectively
  • Learn how to optimize the performance of your team.
  • Improve your communication and feedback skills.
  • Learn what contributes to a positive and productive workplace culture.


  • What is Emotional Health?
  • The Emotionally Healthy Leader
  • Nine Personality Styles
  • The Impact of Personality at Work
  • Great Strategies to Lead Effectively
  • Bring Out the Best in Your Team
  • Powerful Communication Skills.
  • Build A Healthy Workplace Culture