Are there people in your life that always push your buttons? Do you wonder why you do the things you do?

Everyone has a unique way of ‘showing up’ in life. They have their own ways of thinking, feeling and behaving and yet are often unaware of the habitual patterns that keep them stuck.

What makes some people strive for perfection or success?

Why do some of us have a deep need for connection while others prefer to withdraw?

Do you continually procrastinate, eat too much, get angry or struggle to make decisions?

In this workshop you will learn that everyone has great gifts to contribute. As well as behaviours that don’t serve them well and keep them trapped.

You will learn how to enhance your gifts and uncover the way out of those self-imposed traps.

In this workshop, you will discover how to enhance your understanding of what drives yourself and other people and what it means just to be human.

Working with the Enneagram Discovering True Self

This workshop is offered to those who have completed Part 1: Know Yourself, Understand OthersAn Introduction to the EnneagramIt develops and builds upon the material covered in Part 1. We will be introduced to the levels of health of our personality style and our choices, both conscious and unconscious, in moving up and down the levels.

We are often, with the best of intentions, doing the very things that keep us stuck in personality and in habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving…our false self. We try to move towards unity by disowning the parts of ourselves we see as undesirable. Instead, there is the opportunity to embrace those unwanted parts to move towards wholeness, our True Self in God, and develop the inherent strengths and freedom that comes from self and other- awareness.